I'm looking for a GM/Operator in 2022

Dec 20, 2021 1:51 am


Its been a long time since I emailed--apologies.

In this in-between time, I've been growing a badass culture.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you've seen my daily updates. It's pretty much an unfiltered view into the life of Mesa.

I'm working on another acquisition of a sewer company which will get us into the sewer repair and replacement game quickly. Not to mention boost our cashflow.

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My zone of genius is doing deals, not operating.

However, I know there are amazing people who love to operate and are fucking amazing at systems.

I know my weaknesses.

I know I need great people to grow this thing into the juggernaut business I know it can be.

I'll be looking for General Manager/Operator to take over the day-to-day at Mesa in 2022.

Forward this email to anyone you might think would be interested!

I'm going to start conversations and see where they take us.

If you want to send in your resume, hit me up at:

sam.t.leslie@gmail.com OR sam@mesa-plumbing.com.

Looking forward to sharing more and working through this process.

Love this shit,