MesaDeal Update

Oct 10, 2022 6:30 pm


So, haven't really updated yall on MesaDeal in a while.

F***** Answering Machine

This summer was wild. I had implemented an answering VM phone dial tree thing, and it was really handy. But, we lost big time and didn't even realize it.

I was so busy dealing with AR, turnover and a bunch of other stuff, that I lost my view on what mattered. Calls, answering them and sales.

We had some record months this summer, yep. We did, but we lost so much more opportunity because we weren't answering the phone....

If it was an urgent request, then they would speak to someone, but if it wasn't... leave a message.

So many people either didn't leave a message or would leave a message and NOT answer when we called back.

We trashed the answering thing because our call volume was low and our booking rate was low, too.

Last week we booked a record number of jobs. Funny how something so small is SOOOO important.

Lesson Learned.

Turn Over

We lost a few great employees this summer. I took an HVAC installer who was very competent and elevated him to a manager and put him on salary. BAD MOVE. Very BAD MOVE.

His production dropped like a stone. He became entitled because he knew what the previous HVAC sales guy (also gone cause he was seditious). He started to squeeze us on the salary and bonus structure. He was looking at another job that would pay much more.

We couldn't match it and let him go. At least he gave 4 days notice... Damn, this brain drain through turn over is horrible.


We also hired a couple of other guys at a lower hourly rate. Think $10 an hour lower. We realized after we trained them that they were performing just as well or better than our other employees who were previously paid more.

Realized that we didn't need to pay over market--just needed an incentive program that would allow them to grow their income. Still working on it, but getting better.

Love This Shit-->

So, I've Mailed for a few people raising for deals and hiring C-suite peeps or operators.

Helped Mike Botkin raise 12 Million from a PE group who wanted to do a rollup in FL.

Helped Gray Gifford find his now operator for his sign business division.

There were a few along the way that I advised and helped structure deals for.

Helped structure equity deals for friends joining startups and established businesses.

Helped my MA attorney think through hiring and growing his biz.

Helped a friend realize he needed to sell his company, and he is much happier for it.

This is what really gets my motor going--gives me energy--sparks creativity.

Thinking about starting some consulting work because it scratches the itch of creativity. Hit me up if you are interested.

It wouldn't be cheap, but I can give you a list of people I have consulted for and with over the last 2 years that would give me an OK on the "how is Sam?"

The Future of this Newsletter

No clue. I want it to be musings, observations, updates, deals and opportunities.

Let me know if you like the mixed format or not. OR, would you rather have a couple of different formats separated out?

Last Thing

Hit me up. Let me know how you are doing. Ask questions. Rail on clients... Whatever.

Fuckin' Love yall,