ICYMI A New Release from Miranda Lynn

Jan 21, 2021 5:12 pm

Hello friends!

I am sending one more reminder about my newest release. This is a break from my paranormal as I jump into the world of Contemporary BDSM Romance.

I had the privilege to write in Samantha A Cole's world (if you haven't read her you should!) The result is Love Letters Lost, Brian Evan's story. Reviews are trickling in and true Trident Series fans are loving it!




Being back in my small hometown for Gran’s funeral sent me into a full-blown panic attack, and at that moment, a handsome stranger swooped in, becoming my salvation. From first glance, Brian made me weak in the knees with his commanding disposition and firm yet gentle touch. He pulled me in.

I took a chance on him…and all hell broke loose. Caught in the crosshairs of a mob war, I’m kidnapped for the sole purpose of being used as collateral in a power struggle I can’t begin to comprehend. I believed he would save me though. I needed to trust Brian to get me out of there and to introduce me to the enticing world of BDSM. Now, my life is in his hands as we battle against the clock to ensure my survival.




Visiting Illinois to catch up with an old friend was an ideal weekend...made far more delectable when I saw her. Genni was a damsel in distress who awoke my Dom side with a desperate need to protect her..to care for her..to guide her into my world.

But there is evil out there I can’t shield her from, and it ensnares her in its ominous web. With my family’s background in high-stakes security, I call them in to help me track down her kidnappers. One way or another, I will get her back alive, and I will never let her go again. 

*Love Letters Lost is part of Samantha A. Cole’s Suspenseful Seduction World

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Miranda Lynn