With a balanced hand, how do I show my correct strength after a 2-level response?

Feb 24, 2021 8:46 am


Hi bridge friends,

Thank you to William who sent in a question this week about how to bid again after a 2-level intervening bid.

In Acol, after a 1-level response by partner, a rebid of 1NT shows 15-16 points and 2NT shows 17-18 points.

If partner's responds at the 2-level, of course, we are denied the chance of a 1NT rebid. How do we accurately show our strength with a balanced hand without as many options?

For Standard players, we are faced with a similar dilemma if we open a major with 15+ points and a relatively balanced hand. In both cases, when partner responds at the 2-level, we are forced to choose between more limited options for our next bid.


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In the upcoming weeks, Graeme and I will revisit this topic to discuss what to do when it is an opponent's overcall that is taking up that bidding space.

As always, students in all of LBO's classes are welcome to send in bridge questions for our teachers. Thank you to everyone supporting these online lessons!

Your partner in learning,



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