Sneak peek from our very own Celebrity Speaker!

Feb 19, 2021 3:01 pm

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This weekend, Adam is being featured as one of ACBL's 'Celebrity Speakers' alongside Donna Compton, Patty Tucker, and Barbara Seagram! I'm so proud to see Adam recognized in such esteemed company!

Last week, we shared the first hand Adam made about counting our sure winners in notrumps. In this longer video lesson, Adam guides us through four hands about how we can best plan our play in both notrumps and suit contracts.

Adam's lesson should be helpful for both Standard and Acol players, as it focuses on our first steps after dummy comes down.

ACBL's online event with Adam is tomorrow, but you can watch a sneak peek here:


Watch video


We've been having a lot of fun in Adam's weekly play sessions:

Each week, you can join Adam live or watch the video later while playing in the weekly private tournament at BBO.

This class is focused on card play and is appropriate for both Standard and Acol players. No need to find a partner - everyone is sitting South and playing with robots.


Besides Adam's video above, be sure to also check out the fantastic videos available at the ACBL celebrity online event by Donna Compton, Patty Tucker, and Barbara Seagram:

Please stay safe!

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Bajir from Learn Bridge Online