Hey! I'm Josh.

Like you, my inbox is overflowing with things that demand my time.

I love a curated collection of links as much as the next guy, but... it's too much. I don't have time to read, watch, & listen to everything that's recommended to me.

So my own email newsletter is different. It's called:

Riffs, Recs, Charts, & Smarts.

  • Riffs: Tiny little rants. Like an essay, but so short the whole thing fits on your phone's screen (without scrolling).
  • Recs: Recommendations. Not many of 'em. And these recs are self-contained—click the link if you want to, but I'll summarize the idea, podcast, book, or trend in the email itself.
  • Charts: Sheet music. I write a chart for almost every song I learn, and it seems silly not to share this library with you. You'll get the PDFs and the XML & Sibelius files (so you can tweak them and/or convert notation into TAB).
  • Smarts: Granular little guitar & theory lessons. Usually centered around a monthly theme.

I send one out every Wednesday to 4500 curious, growth-minded people like you.

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