Do you have that feeling of wanting more?

I've heard a number of people complain about having the feeling of wanting more, the desire to be more and demand for more. The question is, "Why should you judge yourself for wanting more? Listen to today's podcast to get answers

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Feb 24, 2020
Why you need a deadline

Someone asked.. How long does it take to move from the first stage of immersing yourself with your idea to the stage of taking action. Today's podcast answers this question with why you should have a deadline

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Feb 21, 2020
How to figure it all out (part 4)

The universe operates in frequencies and the reason why you get ideas is because you are being served from a signal in that frequency. This is the reason why the principle we shared in today's podcast is the most important thing to do when it comes t...

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Feb 19, 2020
How to figure it all out (Part 3)

Now that you have gotten the first 2 steps through our last two episodes, here is the next thing you need to do to be able to figure it all out. Don't forget to share and follow us on Instagram @

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Feb 16, 2020
How to figure it all out. Part 2

Now that you have started the process of figuring your ideas out clearly, today's episode takes you another step closer to bringing your ideas to reality. This is a sequel to the last podcast, ensure you have listened to the part 1 in this series to...

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Feb 14, 2020
How to figure it all out (Part 1)

They say they the first step to getting anything is first knowing what you want.... But what if you are not yet really sure about what you really want? What if you are still stuck trying to figure out your ideas.... Today's podcast is the beginning o...

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Feb 12, 2020