Don't know how to convince people? Is this you?

May 18, 2023 11:02 am

Heyy Heyy , I got a response from someone who read my email to you last week and she said:

"I am afraid of affilaite marketing, I don't know how to convince people to buy" 

Now I wanted to reply to her privately but I decided to share this with you too so you can learn from this just in case you're like her; afraid that you don't know how to convince people. 

, the truth is that I used to be just like you. In fact I think I am still just like you.

I don't like to get involved in anything that involves trying to convince anyone to buy from me. 

Now this was a problem and I knew I needed to make money and break the chain of poverty in my family. There is no job that can help me make such amount money fast except I learn how to sell 

This was what led me to discover this sales method - The business on Automation Daily Sales System which is the exact system that I have been using to sell online daily without having to convince anyone at all 

Now the affiliate marketers under my mentorship have been enjoying this system. All they do is copy and edit my funnel ideas and that's it 

No need to be chatting people up and thinking of what to say to them before they can buy. Every single thing has been covered by the expert(vendor) who's product you'll be selling 

I made sure that all the products I personally recommended in the Ghost Millionaire Blueprint (which is one of the juice you get inside my Newbie to Millionaire Launchpad + Mentorship) follow this rule 

This is exactly why you can see testimonies from students of mine who are elderly people and even people who have never sold anything online. 

So , is it possible to make money online without actually facing people and convincing them to buy?? 

The answer is YES!! 

You just need to learn how to sell using a FUNNEL. 

Want to know how this is done?? Click here to watch this free training. 

I'm rooting for you.

Wealth is calling for you.