Emotional Triggers you can use to influence sales

Apr 06, 2021 12:50 pm


, I've been sick this Easter, so sick and down.... But I am serving a living God.

Do you even know the funny part? Everyone who heard I was sick was asking

"I hope it is the right type of sickness ohh, I am happy for you"

Like I don't get it! is it now a crime to be married? 🤣🤣🤣

Nawa ohh

There is nothing we will not hear from family members.

Anyway, I'm sending you this email to invite you to todays Live training where we will be talking about

Emotional Triggers that influence sales

I'm sure you already know that...

People buy based on Emotion and they justify it with Logic

This means that if you want to convert more sales online.....

So you must look for a way to force an emotional response by touching a basic need or want

and the best way to do this is through Emotional Triggers

Today by 3pm, I will be sharing with you Live on Instagram How to use these emotional triggers to triple your sales

Set your Alarm for 3pm

and join us LIVE on Instagram by 3pm sharp

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See you by 3pm

💕 Debbie