{{contact.first_name}}, this is your LAST CALL

Aug 02, 2023 4:02 pm

Hey hey ,

First of all I want to appreciate everyone for actually loving the email I sent yesterday #Lol. I was impressed with the fact that it woke you up and now you're more charged up for your Millionaire journey ahead.

I have good news....

I have been able to FINALLY find an office meeting space which can take up to 15 people 💃💃

The gist is that the office space I planned to use before told me that the meeting room available for Friday will only take 6 people so I had to start looking for a new space BUT NOW WE ARE ALL SET.


Yes , I have a problem with you IF YOU'RE IN LAGOS and if you already indicated your name on the list in the group but till now you haven't confirmed your seat

Why have you not done the most important thing by confirming your seat??? Are you really serious at all or do you want me to start shouting again today 😩

Wait oo

You think that by just writing your name on the list that yesterday you have automatically done everything you need to do?? 🙄 Cmon naww! I know we are all busy but THIS IS IMPORTANT if you currently earn less than N500k!!!

Please if you're serious about INVESTING TIME into your Millionaire future, go to the telegram group now and confirm your slot for FRIDAY. The space I got can only take 15 people.

I will not accept anybody by tomorrow evening or Friday morning oo. The DEADLINE to confirm your registration/Attendance is from now till TOMORROW Thursday evening. After that, OYO is now your case o.

Ehen. Go and do the needful

PS- if you're not in Lagos, do not worry yourself at all.. Okay? Opportunities will still come.