{{contact.first_name}}, Are you in Lagos? Open this!

Mar 05, 2021 5:04 pm

, if you are getting this email...

it is because you have been opening my emails for the past one month

which means that you most likely love to hear from me and I do not take it for granted.

So this is what I want to do for you

I am thinking of hosting an intensive physical workshop in Lagos state... Just at the mainland here

it is going to be for just 10 people because I have already booked for a boardroom for it....

I want to sit down with my BFF's and help them strategize exactly how they can make more sales online

The boardroom will take only 10 people.

I want this workshop to be FREE so it will be free but there will be a catch.

You wont be paying anything to learn from me that day.... For the first time face to face

but this is the problem

I am sending this email to at least 2560 people who always open my emails, buy my courses, follow me and so on

2560 people who love me!

I don't know how many will be in Lagos though, so that's a good relief

but then even if just 1000 is in Lagos, there is still a problem

The boardroom for this intensive workshop can only accommodate just 10 people

Now considering it free... Lol!

wahala go dey

So... this what we are going to do

I will be opening up registration to the workshop on a particular day and....

once 10 people register, I will shut down the link.

On the registration form, these 10 people will tell me about their business (or business idea)

so that I can sleep over it and come up with explosive marketing strategies for them.

People who have paid me for a strategy session know that they paid N50,000 for this

but these 10 people will have access to my specific strategies for their business for FREE.

But there is a catch....

since I am looking for a way to choose just 10 people out of over 2560 people

this is what we will do

To be among the 10 people to join this physical workshop....

You will just have to pay a small token for your food, drinks, worksheets/writing materials and seat.

and this should cost just N5,000 only.

and that's it!

To qualify to attend this workshop, you have to

  1. Be willing to be available in Ikeja Lagos on Saturday 13th of March (Precise Venue will be sent to registered participants)
  2. Confirm your registration your registration by paying for your food, drinks, writing materials and seat (N5,000)
  3. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

and that's it!

If you would love to join this workshop

then click here now to JOIN THE WAITLIST so you can be among the first people to be notified once registrations starts.

Remember, immediately we open registration and 10 people sign up, I will have to cut off the offer. Registration will happen in just ONE DAY.

Join the waitlist now if you are in Lagos and would love to attend and make sure you open my emails fast.


Ehyea, sorry about that... but you can invite anyone in Lagos to attend by sending them this waitlist link; https://sendfox.com/lp/1rlwdy

You know I'm your Girl and you can always hit reply