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Jul 17, 2022 5:29 pm

Hii hiiii ,

This is my first email to you welcoming you on board the Business On Automation Daily Sales System program

You're among the first people to take a chance on me by investing into this program even when it has not been launched yet

For this... I must say thank you

Thank you for believing in me and also for believing in yourself.

If you know me before now, you'll know that the first set of people I work with when launching any program are always the best to enjoy my attention

So you and I will be working in a group with others who have paid for this program and I will use your business to model the entire walk through of this program

When we are done, I can then release the course to the public with your testimonials ofcourse 😁🥰 of how much you've made so far (or what stress you've saved yourself from) implementing whatever you've learnt from me

I can bet it'll be transformational.

Tomorrow we will have our first meeting by 9pm. I'll basically want to know what you do and what you intend to achieve with the Business On Automation DSS

I'm looking forward to helping you bring on your A-game on your financial goals before this year runs out.

Looking forward to tomorrow

Your partner,