Day 4; Journey to Millionaire

Oct 04, 2020 11:01 am


Congratulations , You have come this far!

Today is day 4, lets dive right in!

No 10. You don't have assets.

, an asset is something that brings money in for you. Its doesn't matter what it is but if you own it and it brings in money/income for you then it is an asset.

Now I want you to ask yourself, what assets did I accumulate in 2020?

is your phone an asset? 

Yes, when we talk about assets we are not just talking about plots of land and buildings.

do you need to get a website?

do you need to learn social media marketing and then make your brain an asset which will yield you money every time a company hires you as their social media manager?

See, assets are not all about physical properties, its more about ANYTHING YOU CAN OWN WHICH CAN BRING IN INCOME FOR YOU.

Bring out a piece of paper and write out all assets you think you have. If you cant think of one the maybe you should think of how to convert this phone (or laptop) you are using to read this into an asset. What can you do with your phone to improve your income?

can you start to design graphics with that phone? Do voiceovers? 

what exactly do you need to do?

Maybe you should look for a way to make your brain an ASSET. Read books and attend trainings which will shape your life. your brain is the biggest asset you can invest in.

No 11; Your Liabilities are just way too much

A liability is the opposite of an asset. A liability is anything that removes money from your pocket without adding it back.

Lets take for example your phone, your car, your house, your clothes and shoes, your hairs (as a lady)

if you have too many of these things, you will find it difficult to build wealth. maybe that was what you did wrong in 2020. 

its time for you to write down everything you think is an unnecessary liability.

In fact rule a line and list out your liabilities versus your assets. if the liabilities are too much, the you should think of a way to cut them down or improve your assets.

No 12; You don't want to pay the price

, you cant refuse to pay for something in the market but yet expect to go home with that thing, life doesn't work like that. 

You have to intentionally pay the price for greatness. you have to spend your money, your time and resources.

you have to sacrifice to make it.

you cannot be trying to play safe every time.

what's the price you need to pay?

Paying a price doesn't come with pleasure, it comes with pain.

Are you willing to pay the price? Whenever you feel that pain, remind yourself that you need to pay the price to be able to get to where you need to get to. Become more comfortable with spending to improve yourself, buying books, attending trainings, investing in coaches etc.

Pay the price. 

Your mission is possible,

Deborah Ugochukwu

PS- Always remember to reply and let me know what actions you would be taking and if you got value.

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