How I made my first million and then died

Sep 10, 2021 11:26 pm

Heyy heyy , its been ages since I last sent you or anyone at all an email. I can’t even believe I am breaking the chains today with this email you are reading now


I have decided to share my story with you and hope it somehow inspires someone even if that person may not be you


How it started;

Before I entered into 2021, I went to pray and plan at the redemption camp for 3 days, I had some major expectations for the year ahead and I needed to make sure I involved God into it


Some of my major goals were to make my first million in one month, become a millionaire and move out of the apartment I was living in with my husband and also buy a car before the end of the year 2021.


Many people already know how I hit this goal before June 2021, I had made my first million plus another million, moved into a bigger house with my hubby, make major changes, help my parents and siblings, help even my students online to make 6 figures and more money online and finally bought our first car


Everyone knew the success story but then not many people know about the impromptu death I suffered


I had an entrepreneur’s brain block and then got a health case that kept me helpless(I will tell you about this health case later when it’s over). I could no longer continue working!


I would always end up sick and tired


It was hell but didn’t actually feel like hell because I had so much to be grateful for


I was happy even though I was dead (as per dead to work A.K.A cannot work again)


I began to imagine what would have happened if I had not chased my goals with full force (both spiritually and physically) which helped me to achieve so much before the first half of the year because obviously, the second half of the year came with so much trails and I would not have been focused enough to make things happen again


Imagine I had waited.

Imagine I didn’t start to try when I had the strength, time and opportuinity


This is exactly what I want you to think about today.

Start now!

Even if you don’t have it figured out and you even have no idea the step by step process you need to follow to achieve your goals


, just start anyhow

Believe me when I tell you this; “None of us have it figured out at first, we just take the first step”


Please start whatever God has laid in your heart to do now, you do not know what tomorrow or next month will bring. You don’t even know what next year will bring


Your best bet is to just start now.


I don’t know if this message was for you, I just hope you always keep thriving and winning.


Please feel free to reply to this email if this message got to you and you appreciate it. I’ll be waiting to read from you


I’m rooting for you