Day 1; Why you did not become a millionaire

Oct 01, 2020 11:01 am


, Wondering why you did not become a millionaire this 2020 or why you are not yet a millionaire to start with?

Yesterday I promised to start a series for 7 days where I share with you at least 3 reasons why you did not become a millionaire in 2020 and today we will be starting with the 3 top reasons;


Now I can guess what your first reaction to this could be but then I want you to take out a few seconds to think about it. Did you really set it as a goal this year to become a millionaire?

I know you like the idea of being a millionaire but there's a clear difference between liking the idea of something and actually deciding to get that thing. so maybe just like everyone else, you liked the idea but you never set it as one of your major goals for the year. every millionaire first decided to become a millionaire, that's exactly what makes the difference between the millionaire across the end of your world and the average person by your street. the average man thinks survival while the millionaire thinks of building wealth.

If you want to become a millionaire going forward, you have to first decide to become one. set it as a goal, want it, dream about it and pray about it, just then you will trigger the first stage of the millionaire journey; THE HUNGER!


Congratulations, you have now decided to make things different moving forward so you have decided to become a millionaire. But then the truth is, you have absolutely no idea how to become a millionaire. This was exactly the reason why you did not make the millionaire mark. 

I mean how can you make it when you don't know what you are going to do to make it? 

Now you need to ask yourself, what can I do to make the drops which would add up to millions?

Take out your dairy and write those points down, if you have no idea then you should try monitoring others who are doing so and choose the one you can start with. When I first decided to become a millionaire, I told myself that I was going to do so by selling my knowledge and expertise, I started off with selling my knowledge on wig making, organizing classes on how to make wigs and start a business off wig making, then I upgraded to selling digital products.

You must know your HOW.

Are you going to start your own business? what exactly do you need to do? Know the how and you have crossed the second step on the bridge.


So now you know exactly what you need to do to make the millions but the thing is, you don't have any laid out plans, you are just going to do things as they come by. 

This was probably what you did this year, no plans whatsoever so anything worked for you.

Here's the thing, an idiot with a plan will succeed over a genius with no plan. you need to lay down step by step plans and this can be done through appropriate goal setting. I explained how to do this extensively in my book "Mission I'm possible". (You can reply to this email to get the book)

Ask yourself; what do I need to do to move from here to where I want to be?

Do you need to register to learn a new skill?

Do you need to work for sometime to raise some funds?

Do you need to speak to someone?

Where do you need to start from now!

Write that down and figure out the way up the ladder to where you need to get to.

Tomorrow we will continue with 3 more reasons, for now reflect on this and let me know if this makes sense. 

Seriously, I want to know if you want me to continue with this series.

Meanwhile, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to NIGERIA. , please work towards becoming financially independent too.

Your mission is possible;

Deborah Ugochukwu