Day 6; {{contact.first_name}}, This money likes you too

Oct 06, 2020 11:23 am

, have you ever wanted to do something but then you felt like the time isn't right yet?

You saw an opportunity and you knew it could change your story but you didn't take action because you felt the time is not right yet.

This maybe one of the reasons why you didn't become a millionaire in 2020. so lets call it

No; 16 - You are waiting for the right timing!

You feel you will start buying books and trainings when you have enough money, for now its not yet time.

You feel you cant start that business now because its not the right time yet.  

You have no idea what you are doing to yourself!

if you want to move ahead, you must learn how to act at the speed of thought

This means that as you think, you act! when an idea comes to you, act on it. stop visiting all your friends and neighbors explaining the idea to them, telling them what you want to do and asking for their permission, stop asking them to tell you if they feel it will work, if they feel people will patronize you.

Stop waiting for the right time, START ACTING.

 No 17; you didn't read books

, this one is no lie! 

Reading books opens your eyes to many possibilities, it makes you see the world from a much bigger perspective. 

but then, you did read good books in 2020?

I have told you before how I resigned from my 20k job fearlessly and made almost 4 times of my salary in 2 days from my new business just because I read books which motivated me to see bigger possibilities.

I wouldn't have done that if I had listened to my friends, I did it because I paid attention to what others have been able to achieve in the books I read.

I will give you a list of books you can start with,

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. Richdad Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  3. Think Big by Ben Carson
  4. Mission I'm Possible by Deborah Ugochukwu
  5. The F+U Money Mindset by Dan Lok
  6. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  7. Why your Goals don't work yet by Deborah Ugochukwu
  8. The 10X rule by Grant Cardon

these are just but a few, I have spent lots of money buying books, in fact most times I spend more on books and trainings instead of buying clothes', shoes and dresses. 

, do you do so too?

Have you even joined other action takers to read my International Bestselling Book; Mission I'm Possible? The stories and concepts I shared there will show you how to take action on your little thoughts.

Here's what I will do for you too, if you get Mission I'm possible today, I will give you for FREE, my Goal Setting Training which paid paid N7500 to participate in. Today, one of the persons who partook in that training has become an internet marketer making money while she sleeps, the other man has gone ahead to start his own company in Lagos and move his family with him.

Its not the kind of training you throw to the dogs, because they will abuse it. I am giving it to you because I believe you are phenomenal. Order your copy of Mission I'm Possible now and get it for free. Plus, I will give you my second Amazon Bestselling book "Why your goals don't work yet" for free!

Its not yet my birthday but I am in a giving mood.

Take action NOW! GET THE BOOK.

No 18; You were too pessimistic;

You are always thinking of the negative; what if I start this business and no one buys from me, what if I buy this book and I don't like it, what if I he is trying to dupe me

what if this what if that!

Always thinking of the negative. You are pessimistic and if you do anything with this mindset, you will fail, that negative thought will come to pass and you will then say "I knew it"

A pessimistic person can barely achieve anything in life, you must have an open mind to see the best in everything, see the positive, imagine it a positive way. this makes your brain to have a certain feeling of assurance and the universe hears your thoughts. 

If you want something to turn out well for you, you have to start by allowing that thing to turn out well in your head first, let it become great in your imaginations first, make that money in your mind first, imagine it, feel it and then work it out to reality.

Will you try to stop your pessimistic attitude? 

The world is waiting for you.

Always remember, Your mission is possible.

Deborah Ugochukwu.

Don't forget to read the books I mentioned, you can get the MISSION I'M POSSIBLE by clicking here.