Day 2; Now you want to be a MILLIONAIRE

Oct 02, 2020 11:01 am


, Yesterday I shared with you 3 reasons why you did not become a millionaire in 2020, I hope you did not miss it, please look for that email now. Today, we will continue with no 4 to 6 reasons. 


I recently had a discussion with someone who complained about her business not really making anything much, she wasn't complaining because she was stranded and needed help, she was just telling me because I commended her for starting the business.

Then I told her; its not working out because you are too comfortable

she hesitated a bit but later agreed.

Sometimes we get too comfortable with the average, you have gotten used to the survival mode and so throughout the year that was all that mattered to you. 

Sometimes you need to get uncomfortable to move ahead, you may need to discomfort yourself

if your monthly income is just "okay" to get you surviving then maybe you need to separate it or take up more projects. Stretch yourself and you will be forced to come up with a makeup mechanism.

This advice is not for everyone, you can choose to remain in your comfort zone.


I don't think I need to overemphasize on this one, I mean its common knowledge so everyone already probably knows.

Imagine a table with just one leg, it can barely stand the same challenges a table with 4 legs can stand. There are various sources of income, it can be an active source of income or a passive source, just look for avenues to have an extra, its the most common factor seen amongst millionaires, they are always expanding there sources. 

it is okay to start with just one source, but as you go one you must diversify. 

Check out all the big companies and brands, they do not even produce or distribute just one line of products, its a law of life that you should not despise.


Imagine a man who does not sow but yet wants to reap during harvest, its crazy! well that's exactly what you may have been doing wrong.

Investing is just like sowing, you invest to yield profits.

How many investments did you make in 2020?

And now, I am not talking about just financial investments even though this is a huge part of the matter too but I'll address it in a later paragraph. I am talking about investing in yourself. the biggest investment you can ever make is the one you make on yourself; on your brain to be more specific.

If you plan to be the worlds best surgeon, you would definitely have to invest millions training to be a world class surgeon, even if you can't pay you would have to get a scholarship and have another organization pay the bills for you but the thing is, "There was a paying/investing done"

So why do you expect radical results in yourself when you have refused to invest in yourself and your brand?

Now to financial investments, you were too scared to invest any money into anything because you do not want to loose money, have you forgotten that you have to cast your seed into the ground and have it die before it can yield fruits? have you forgotten that termites and pests may damage your crop? but every year farmers still go ahead to plant; 

Stop holding on too tight to your money, learn the right financial investment guides and cast your bread upon the waters.

Did you get value from todays series? Let me know.

Remember, Your mission is possible

Deborah Ugochukwu