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Apr 18, 2021 3:46 pm

, I don't know why I can't seem to forget that night... The exact picture of the message I saw on his phone can't leave my head.⁣

My husband and I had a quarrel and as usual I sent him text messages like a mad woman.⁣

You know, coming from a long distance relationship to becoming married and having to live together ⁣

I still didn't know how to express myself except through messages and whatsapp voicenotes ⁣

People in long distance relationships will understand better ⁣

So this particular night, barely two months into our marriage, I sent him those long messages ⁣

Oga simply came to the parlour and handed the phone over to me ⁣

And what he said was what shocked me ⁣

He asked me to go through all the messages I always send him, to see that it's always fight fight ⁣

After initial resistance....⁣

I took the phone and started going through the messages ⁣

He wasn't lying though but then...⁣

I saw one message that hit me like thunder ⁣

I sent that message on June 25th and the message reads...⁣

"Bebby! N128,000 in less than a week selling my online course on Automation while still working at the hospital??? Ahh Bebby I will never be poor in my life again"⁣

I fell back into the chair and smiled ⁣

He was confused till I showed him the message ⁣

That was my first successful online course which I had just launched that week selling to a completely cold audience ⁣

And I made that much money for the first time in my life without actually having to do much daily. ⁣

That was the beginning of my journey ⁣

It's almost a year now and I have successfully grown my business to a consistent 6figures in profit every single month ⁣

Rented my own office space ⁣ ⁣

My husband calls me yahoo yahoo (basically because I'm using my laptop and phones)🤣🤣🤣 or Sinzu maama.⁣

And it has been an amazing ride.⁣

Now everything actually became clear to me when I learnt how many other people were actually cashing out on this online space and I believed I had what it takes to make it too⁣

So I went out there and got my own share ⁣

Now if you are on this online space and you're wondering...⁣

"Na where una dey see this money sef"⁣

And you actually know you are resilient and you've got what it takes to work smart and get similar results ⁣

But you just don't know how exactly to plug into this online money pot ⁣

Then... ⁣

You need to attend the Millionaire in 90 days FREE Bootcamp where you'll find out the top 3 businesses you can do online to make your first or next million in 90 days or less ⁣

It's not going to be theory ⁣

You'll practically see people who are doing these figures ⁣

I'm also trying to up my game to millions every month which was why I invited my friend who has done this over and over again.⁣

So... ⁣

If you have a phone or laptop ⁣

An internet connection ⁣

And most importantly a millionaire mindset ⁣

Click here to indicate interest in joining the Millionaire in 90 days Bootcamp which will be happening today where you'll find out the top 3 Businesses that can be guaranteed to make you your first or next million in 90 days.⁣

Happening on Sunday!⁣

PS- it is not Ponzi or network marketing. It is definitely not for lazy people⁣

So... Are you in or out??⁣

Or is it my quarreling messages with my husband that you'd prefer to read? 🤣🤣⁣

💞#DebbieIgnites ⁣

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