Day 5; Not yet a millionaire?

Oct 05, 2020 11:06 am


Happy new week !

Its day 5 already and today I bring you 3 more reasons which may just be the reason why you did not become a millionaire in 2020.

No 13; You use your left analytical brain more than you use your right creative brain. 

, do you often over-analyze things? You get an idea and it seems just nice in your head but you do not give yourself the opportunity to let that idea live! 

you find yourself over-analyzing it and thinking about all the things that may make that idea fail so you end up never implementing or trying anything ever!

, you do not know this but this is one of your biggest problems! 

Stop over-calculating, stop trying to know the end from the beginning, stop reminding yourself that you are not good enough, stop telling yourself that your idea is not possible.

, you need to stop sabotaging your progress!

Use your creative right brain more than you use your analytical left brain. Act on your ideas and do not be scared to fail. In fact this will lead us to the next point.

No 14; you are too afraid so you play safe!

Listen to me closely, playing safe is the biggest killer of any game. You don't win when you play safe. when you are too afraid to take any step.

most times we play safe because we are scared.

scared of what people would say if we fail

scared of what would happen if we start and cant finish

scared of loosing our small money

scared of being duped

what in God's name is wrong with us!

Waking up everyday is a RISK, going out of your house everyday is a risk because you could get involved in a road accident. Flying by plane is a risk too, you could have an air crash. (Don't worry, I'm joining you to say God Forbid #LOL)

Eating is even a risk, the bone could choke you and you would die from there (I'm still saying "God Forbid" with you ohhh LOL)

But do we stop waking up, going out and eating everyday?


we don't play safe because we know its necessary for us to survive.

, maybe you should stop playing safe and just take some risks. Leave your comfort zone and try out something new which could fetch you that extra cash. If you fail, you will learn in the process. In all, its something worth trying.

N0 15; there's no one/nothing pushing you - You may never know what you can do until you start doing it

You see this sentence "You may never know what you can do until you start doing it", its a quote I came up with in 2018 and it has inspired many people to get results they never imagined.

Imagine asking a pregnant woman to jump a fence just for fun; you would be termed crazy, I mean how can you expect a pregnant woman to jump a fence, if she even trues it for fun she may end up killing herself or the baby.

But then, the next day, there's a riot, shooting everywhere, the whole road is blocked and these gunmen are cutting people into pieces, this pregnant woman would run and even jump that fence without blinking, she would only realize she had jumped a fence when she must have arrived at safety.

What exactly was the difference?

there was an external motivation, there was something pushing her; THE DESIRE TO LIVE AND NOT GET KILLED.

, what is pushing you?

The first time I made a significant amount from business, it was because something was pushing me. I had just resigned from a job where I was being paid N20,000 monthly, my friend wasn't in support of me resigning because "half bread is better than none abi" (Please delete this mindset!)

But I had developed a different mindset from reading books and studying millionaires, I knew that once I leave that N20k job, I would be forced to come up with something else or get ready to be termed a PROUD failure by everyone. 

This determination pushed me to organize my First wig making training where I made almost four times my salary in just 2 days. It was mind-blowing.

so I will ask you again; , what is pushing you?

If there is nothing pushing you the you need to make something up.

it could be the DESIRE TO help your mother.

Your husband

your children

your wicked uncle/aunt

Or your hatred for your landlord

or even your annoying neighbor

Make this your STRONG WHY and allow this WHY to push you everyday.

I want you to think about this. 

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Love from,

Deborah Ugochukwu