Oct 02, 2022 3:24 pm

Heyy Heyy

You're getting this email because your ONE among the current 101 members of my Newbie to Millionaire mentorship or the Business On Automation Daily Sales System mentorship

That means you're obviously someone who is going to end up wealthy in this life

Now I promised a 7 days LIVE challenge which I tagged the FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE CHALLENGE and you should know we are starting off today by 9pm

Please do not miss it.

Make sure you have joined our Telegram support group (The link to support group is inside your training area of your course)

For the next 7 days, I will be motivating and practically telling (showing) you what you need to do to make money online selling either your own digital products or other people's digital products without necessarily posting on social media

Yes you heard me right!

I don't even post on my whatsapp status but yet I have done over 8 figures this year and I just bought myself my FIRST PROPERTY IN THIS LAGOS after i had already traveled abroad for vacation this same year!!!

See eh,

I'll be showing you exactly how I make so much money (even though it's small money oh if you ask me 😂lol)

And if just 10 people out of the 101 people receiving this email can follow what I say seriously taking action without giving up.... Those 10 people will become the only 10 Millionaires I'll raise from this challenge

, I really hope you're a serious person and you'll be among the few persons who will take action and never give up.

You know why??

Because I want you too to become a Digital Millionaire.

Ready for these 7 days?

Set your alarm for 9pm