Day 3; Why you did not become a millionaire in 2020 yet

Oct 03, 2020 11:01 am


heyy heyy , its been an amazing ride. I've been getting your responses and its heartwarming to know you are getting value and becoming inspired. so far we have talked about 6 reasons. I hope you haven't forgotten them.

today we move ahead with 3 more reasons why you didn't become a millionaire in 2020 yet.

No 7. You made the millions but you cant account for it!

c'mon , give yourself some credit!

come to think of it, you made millions please. even if you didn't make millions you at least made something if not you wouldn't have survived up till now. 

take out a pen and paper and calculate your income for this year, you may have made the millions or the thousands but the problem is that you don't know how to keep records and most importantly you don't know how to save and even grow your money. 

Lets say you want to make 1 million naira only in my year, you would just need to make an average of just N19,230 every week for 52 weeks which make one year. with just N2,747 every day you will make N1,000,000 in a year possible. 

Does it still look hard? 

the thing is if you don't know these little things, you will keep magnifying the money and you wont have the right mindset to chase this. 

Maybe you need to start paying attention to what you earn and to your accounting. I plan on organizing a training on this because if you don't know how to account and segregate your money you will never be able to master it and when you don't master your money it will rule over you. Would you love a training on this later? Let me know.

No 8. You don't keep the books. You don't record

this is almost the same with the above reason but I am over flogging the matter because you may not know how badly this affects you.

if you are in business, do you know what your BREAK EVEN MARGIN is?

do you know your PROFIT MARGIN?

have you ever studied your GROSS INCOME MARGIN? 

these are the little things that make great men great, their ability to master these tiny bits of their business. Once you have mastered this, you would discover how to multiply your profit.

I know these things may sound French to you now, but I want you to think about it deeply. We will get to understanding this through another training if you stick with me.

No 9; you never for once blamed yourself!

, do you easily blame everyone else but yourself? 

Do you always have an excuse?

oh I am just a student, I am a housewife, I have children, I don't have a laptop, this Country is not helping matters etc

See eh, in this life you can either make excuses or you make money. You cannot make both at the same time

when I moved to Lagos, the estate I stay in lacked strong network, I was so MAD about this. I could barely do any work, I blamed everyone but most importantly I reminded myself that I can either make money or make excuses so I dumped the excuses and started to look for a way out. That was how I rented my own fully furnished office space. I didn't rent this office because I had money to throw around, I did it because it had to be done.

, there is always a way out! In my book Mission I'm possible I talked about how to deal with challenges when working towards your goal. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT! If you still haven't read the book MISSION I'm POSSIBLE, you should use it as your workbook for planning 2021. You can get it here today.

Tomorrow we continue. 

what are you going to implement from todays training?

your mission is possible

Deborah Ugochukwu