Todays Zoom Bloom Reminder, Podcast Link & Lazarus Lifestream 🌟

Apr 01, 2021 1:04 pm

Hello Loves 💞

Big Day Today! Welcome to yet another month embarking on your Brave New Life! Listen to the podcast from our CLUBHOUSE Conversation last night to hear some updates and beautiful sharings about our Brave New Life Community.


Reminder for today's Community Conversation Zoom Bloom in one hour

Thursday 10am(EST) 14pm(UK) 22pm(PERTH)

We will be keeping our conversation to One Hour so that everyone can tune in to the Lazarus Initiative that Sacha Stone and the New Earth Horizon team are launching at 11am EST.


Imani is on the road and just landed in North Carolina from an epic adventure in Texas....and Souv is behind the scenes getting ready for the Lazarus Livestream so we are inviting some of you to step forward during today's zoom call if we are unable to be on the entire time....we LOVE the way our BNL Community is stepping up to hold space for one another and for the group as a whole.




We Love You

Imani & Souv 🌺