Your True Power Toolkit

The Your True Power Toolkit is an exclusive free bonus for purchasing the print, e-book or audible version of Your True Power. It is the official companion resource for the book.

If you haven't purchased the book yet, do it now and click here to get your copy!

We hope that you loved Your True Power as much as we loved bringing it to you. We shared with you the most intimate details of our darkest moments and the miraculous changes we made in our lives to give you inspiration that if we, 14 women who are just like you can do it, so can you.

We're so thrilled that now that you know what’s truly possible for you, you can take the leap to your most amazing life! And to help you get started is this Toolkit.

We're excited that you now have this guide because it’s full of gems. It’s literally packed with the top tools that the co-authors personally used to get out of their darkest moments and transform into their best lives. And we are thrilled that these tools are now yours to use.

The intention for this resource is to give you bite-sized, easily implementable steps for you to experience transformation right away. 

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