Relevant update on the Parallel Economy + Zoom link

Nov 07, 2021 11:37 am

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Outside of our magnificent ZoomBlooms, we have a Slowdown Social Media Platform built to parallel a world going crazy on information overload and behavior manipulation.

Because humans want to be in connection with other humans of like-mind and shared vision we have built out a Parallel reality in which ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME & YOUR JOURNEY MATTERS.

This New Parallel ecosystem is one of love, sharing beauty, hope, inspiration and authentically expressing ourselves.

Imagine a place where you can express for YOU, where you get to articulate what is alive for you or stirs in your being...and bring that out into words.

What if you could freely express those thoughts and feelings without the fear of someones' objection, argument, or unwanted advice?

That a place is already here...


A new earth is beckoning us to CHANGE old habits, old patterns and liberate our slave selves from the unseen limitations that the major platforms and media giants are manipulating people by.

We are therefore a New, Brave Community where people posting isn't about the amount of likes, followers, or the promotion of believes that we want to convince others of...

It is all very simple. As we exit and build the Parallel world we are leaving behind intentionally crafted dopamine hitting and adrenaline-stirring dynamics and we can use uncorrupted technology, free to use, and offered to support YOU to step into your Brave New Life and form new connections.

Looking beneath the surface...

In our community, we encourage you to take the time to slow down, the encouragement is to check in with the social ecosystem once a week or maybe a little more often, but if you come in every day you may think: "well, there is nothing going on here!".

This platform is for you to document your Heroes Journey, posting your reflections, inspirations and for you to relate with others in Circles of your interest. You can even send personal messages and 'tag' people.

The Brave Community is nothing like the major platforms that profit from your postings and sell your personal interests for advertisement money.


As we grow, slow and sweet in our community size and numbers, more real and relevant relating naturally occurs. Relating that has substance and is feeling-based.

Our platform is by invite only so you can forward this message to all of your friends that you think may also want to Exit and Build a community that has slowed down and offers a genuine space for self-expression.

What about the economic structures? I see a call for contributions... Do I have to pay a monthly membership fee to be part of this community?

We are not just building out a Parallel Social Media platform, we are building out a Parallel Economy based on Ubuntu principles.

We have initiated a Brave Prosperity Fund to liberate any costs associated with the digital infrastructure and its' development.

Once we reach 10.000,- $ in contributions we will be able to start paying it forward, which is already happening in small ways as Karyna has been gifted and will be lifted out of her circumstances.

We have a special pathway for this that is going to GIVE BACK continuously to the community that manifested the Prosperity Fund.

With that, we, as a community, are templating out a Parallel Economy model that does more than what most can currently imagine.

I envision that our model can radically change the prosperity in other communities once we have the proof of stake that it delivers as it does.

Please know that this fantasy is real and it is accessible for everyone who chooses to explore it. I am personally interested and motivated to do this for our BNL community of loved ones, in the knowing that abundance will prosper.

In closing,

We are a community founded on the principles of Syntropy, Self Sovereignty, and Love. We share from our hearts and minds for self-exploration, upliftment, and relating around the New Parallel world that we get to build out together.

If you feel that all of this is in resonance with your cells and you are a full yes to onboarding our social ecosystem, please email us at with the heading: "Love is the answer" :)

$1881,- in 56 hours!


A personal thank you again to Candace, Kate, April, Jineen, Jennifer, Kimberley, Gina Jax, Allison, Didi, Patrick, Patricia, Amanda, Lorna, Susan, Maya, Chicha and Claudia.

Now we are adding:

Patrick, Roberta, Yvonne, Alice, Jean and Ruth!!

πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸŒΏ80+ people attended and watchedπŸŒΏπŸ™Œ πŸŽ‰

The BNL WeFunder call remains available. You can access it here when you register your name and email on this page:

--For those who already attended the conversation with Paul, a new Parallel Economy Circle has been created on our community platform. Updates, questions, zoom recordings will all be posted there.

πŸŒβœ‰οΈSlow Snail Mail Options opened up!βœ‰οΈπŸŒ

For those wanting to contribute via CHEQUE and send it via snail mail please reach out to for the details thank you, Kimberley!!

If you are a FULL YES to making all this a reality please contribute to our WeFunder here today.

Last but not least here is the ZoomBloom link for 9PM EST- 9AM Perth - 11AM Brisbane time:

In love and service,