🦃🥧🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🥧🦃🥧

Happy Thanksgiving week!Need a break from travel plans, menu planning, food preparation, house cleaning, or other busyness that comes with getting ready for the holidays? Carving out an hour here or there to kick back and read might be a good way to...

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Nov 23, 2021
Bookish deals for ninety-nine pennies.💰💰💰

Howdy, everyone,Happy Tuesday!I just read an article that said there are over six million Kindle books to choose from on the Amazon storefront. Mind boggling, isn't it? Now, I realize that number encompasses a lot of different fiction genres and also...

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Nov 16, 2021
📚Books to cuddle up with.📚

Greetings!Brrrr. It's been a tad cold here the past few days. Well, cold for Louisiana anyway. Without the heat and humidity, the air feels fresh and exhilarating. Definitely a pleasant change of pace. Good book-reading weather!Speaking of books... T...

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Nov 09, 2021
🍰Party time...

Hello again,Why the party balloons, you ask? I'm celebrating another trip around the sun - AKA, my birthday. Yay for me! There will be cake, but I'll forgo the candles. The blaze would look like I'd started a campfire on the dining room table and mig...

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Nov 02, 2021
Be a Memory Maker

While driving home from Winn Dixie the other day, a familiar old song niggled my brain and I couldn’t hold it in. In the passenger seat, hubby joined in and we sang it to the end. Hubs smiled and said, “Did I harmonate good with you?” I had to laugh....

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Oct 05, 2021
Yay, I’ve launched my first audiobook!

Most of us like to dip our toes into the water before diving in. We want to feel it out and see if we’re comfortable with what lies ahead before making the committment. It was no different for me with diving into a new venture of producing audiobook...

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May 05, 2021
The cat that came for a nap

Let me preface by telling you that we own two cats and this guy isn’t one of them. Hubby and I were standing in the carport when a cat strolled toward us and began weaving between our ankles and rubbing against our legs. Not only was he affectionate,...

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Jan 14, 2021
Pulling the Plug on the News

It’s been several months since I unplugged from Facebook and Twitter. In that time, I thought I’d be free from reading about the constant bickering, disagreements, name-calling, posturing, threats, so-called “fact-checking,” and the host of other uns...

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Jan 11, 2021
Thanksgiving and… DOGS

It’s been a couple of years since my novella, Thanksgiving at Canine Corral was published, but every time the holiday approaches, I find myself rereading and enjoying it. Yeah, that makes me sound a little biased and a tad self-absorbed, but… Okay, o...

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Nov 16, 2020
Pulling the Plug on Social Media

It’s official. I’m out of Facebook and Twitter for good. Why? When I landed book deals with a couple of publishers several years ago, they recommended I join some social media sites to a) get my name out there, b) interact with readers/fans, and c) p...

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Jul 27, 2020
Full ugly cry.

When I read a book, I judge the author’s writing strength by very simple criteria. I’m not terribly concerned about a few typos or a couple of boo-boos with punctuation. Minor formatting errors mean nothing to me. The criteria I’m looking for is this...

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May 22, 2020
The Traveler

A traveler came through a small country town and brought with him news from around the globe. Citizens gathered in the courthouse square to listen as the man spoke for hours about events occurring in places they would never visit and people they woul...

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May 08, 2020
Something to do during quarantine.

Hello again! Everybody doing okay? Hanging in there with all this “social distancing” and everything else that’s going on? It’s a stressful time for some folks. Understandably so. I hope you and your loved ones have been physically untouched by COVID...

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Apr 22, 2020