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What is 6prog?

The fastest and most cost effective contract engagement process - Used by businesses of all sizes. 6prog is part technology and part people consultancy platform that enables businesses, managers, consultants, freelancers and recruiters to work together.

6prog is a platform where clients curate their list of suppliers for projects (and vice versa) and users pay a straightforward service fee of 3%. This is lower than any other firm and puts the users in charge of their data.

Skills? We are a mix of managers, analysts, dev ops, developers, writers (and more) and have over 3500 talented consultants on the platform. You can also add your own (rather than asking an agency to process for you!)

In addition to built in GDPR and IR35 compliance 6prog operates on a delivery first model. You can choose to work with our teams on the basis of a fully scoped project fee, with flexibility for 'out of scope work' on a fixed hourly/daily rate or in a traditional contract on an ad hoc daily fee for time spent.

Is it expensive? No. No tie-ins, no licence fees, no nonsense. Built for users because we have done your job and we know what we needed.


What is the 'Future of Work [is Now]'?

We are increasingly defining work on an output basis which makes flexibility more attractive than employer-employee models. An 'output based' contract is an agreement between a customer and a supplier, which creates a relationship for the delivery of services or products. The driving force behind the contract is that it focuses on what the deliverables are in business terms rather than how they should be delivered. A hot topic since 2017 which includes talent platforms, gig economy planning and AI. Open talent not only defines a way of working but highlights the shift in human behaviour as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.