You might hate this.

Hey there 👋 I’m James…and I really like building businesses.

I’m the founder of an Inc. 5000 B2B podcasting agency (Sweet Fish), a media company trying to end the foster care crisis (Young Married Christian), and a SaaS platform that helps you build an audience (Showcase).

5 days a week, I send our Sweet Fish team a super simple email that shares:

🔨 1 thing I'm working on

💡 1 thing I'm learning

🙏 1 thing I'm grateful for

You might be thinking to yourself, "Holy cow, that's a brilliant idea for a daily email." And you're correct. It is brilliant. But I'm not that smart. I totally stole this idea from someone on Twitter.

Some days the email covers my thinking behind a new role we’re looking to hire or a big takeaway from a podcast I listened to on my way to lunch. Other days it touches on the fact that Pepsi is trash (and obnoxiously inferior to Coke Zero).

This email is very much written to our team…inside jokes and all. So you might hate it. But there's a chance you'll think it's awesome.

Unsubscribe anytime. My ego will eventually heal. :)

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